Does It Matter?

Delilah G. Period 7

Existentialism Even though one will have the option to walk anywhere on the stairs, he/she will never walk off the stairs. Whether they walk up or down the stairs,they will always reach the same initial point.
Absurdism Though one may have planted plenty of flowers, all of them die because they are all male flowers. As long as the flowers remain all male, they will whither and not reproduce.
Nihilism The broken beams, destroyed car, and dullness of the picture symbolizes how everything will come to an end regardless of how productive it use to be. Though one may put a lot of effort into building something, something else will carelessy destroy it in seconds.
Contrast Despite all the dark creatures, fears, and unanswered questions in life, love makes this couple continue to live in peace and find meaning in life: To reproduce and make the best out of their lives.
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