Kayla Groen

KV Art

1) the arrival of the Normandy Train in Gare Saint-Lazare 2) show gloominess and sadness of the event 3) I love the realistic aspect of the painting and how the smoke looks real
1) a young child looking up at the sky after it has rained 2) to capture in a painting the mist in the air after a storm 3) I love the value contrast and the way in which the mist was painted
1) the peacefulness of water lilies in a pond 2) to capture the calmness and the serene quietness of the scene of water lilies 3) I love the realistic painting and the reflections in the water
1) this is a sidewall painting most likely used for a ceiling 2) to create an image with contrast, depth, and texture 3) I don't like the abstract aspect of the painting with no specific image to see
1) a rainy day on a Paris street 2) to create interesting focal points and capture a rainy day 3) I like the realistic aspect of the painting and way the stones look wet from the rain
1) a farmer and his daughter in the 19th century 2) inspiration from a Carpenter-Gothic architectural style of a house and imagined who he thought would live there 3) I love the story and realism
Credits: All media
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