There are moments throughout our life when we look around, perhaps on the beach, and a salty breeze blows by whilst you sit and admire the majestic waves crashing in from the horizon; The sun is setting and you feel all that's around you, inside your head. You are able to visualize what you remember, from the smell of the air to the taste of the sea. In this gallery I invite you to not analyze what you see, but merely immerse yourself in the world that has been created before you. From hell to heaven let this display take you on a trip: *Please copy and paste the links for music in order to fully experience this gallery* We might as well start with the most abrasive of the bunch. While the song may lead you astray, It's simply a dark cookie recipe. The ability of the music combined with the visuals create a much more grimacing scene before you. The way a grayscale pallet with a gradient of red exemplifies the peculiar disgust that the author is trying to display is quite effective. Perhaps made in spite of war, For Whom The Bell Tolls take you back in time to a darker world filled with smoke in the skies and sirens screaming to satan's dismay. The world was engulfed in flame as Allied Forces fought against the Central Powers. Between sirens wail and bullets fire the hope for heavenly skies to shine through pushed through the eyes of the solider, marching them forward unto hell. This scene depicts one of the most tragic events in all of man's time on this planet. When mother nature decides against us, and there is nothing you can do. The Last Day of Pompeii showing a glimpse as to what hell on earth might have looked like. The song Crack The Skye exemplifies the unruly wrath of nature being unleashed upon man, with very little hope in sight. Just Smoke and Ash and Fire. When the lyrics suddenly kick in, that is like the volcano erupting. As strange as is appears there is a story to be found within. While it is one whole image, I feel it become a mosaic in review, and just as the music isn't quite ever settling, something about the vibe unifies it as a whole. In the paintings case the background environment takes ambiguity and transforms it into a wholly idea. The gentle arching of the image solidifies the perspective of the centered viewer. What may be the most controversial song choice for an image as such. I think the contrast between the halves of this image are expressed in the feeling and lyrics of the song. As this painting is more modern that the rest, the main figures seem pretty hip. He's got headphones and an iPhone, while she is fashionable with her scarf and book. The chaos is almost bliss, but regardless, a burden of modern society. The only definable figures are of that of the horse and muse. The color around must be the feelings of that experience; Taking off, Flying. Trying to visualize the world from a birds eye, imagine all the colors you would see. Imagine all the sounds you could, or couldn't hear. There's beauty, majesty, and grace in flight, and those exuberant feeling you get from it translate well into the colors of this painting. while the lyrics do offer some ode to the notion, it's predominantly the instrumental passages that compliment the art to the fullest (skip to 4:45). This one, being in the round, all around, seeing sights and sounds of another day, in some other way, experience the same feeling today. As it shifts from color to color, scene to scene, it evolves just as the music does. Taking you somewhere beyond where you are, and into the world of the art. Sing, dance, and laugh with levity and happiness as you admire this work. To take you to a world of simple 2D shapes and color, you must breathe, relax, and let go. This rather blue image, with its dark red undertones, and light accents, offers a neutral image that doesn't sway too hard in any direction, and is left to the emotional interpretation of the viewer. With compliments of the Beatles, The Cathedral is balanced well, visually and aurally. This piece has movement and is begging you to empathize with it. I think due to its fractal shape, the spiral inward fills you with sorrow and hope. The song I've elected to accompany this piece is something that is rather calming, but ever moving, like this image. It slowly evolves, telling you a story, yet leaving you right where you started; staring at the Symphony before you. Here is a piece almost everyone should have seen by now. Yet everyone has probably imagined their own scene to accompany this image, as to whats happening, what your hearing, the temperature, and time, all vary from person to person, even experience to experience. The music of Pink Floyd, in my mind, perfectly fits the vibe drawn out by Van Gogh. Such sweet and flowing music compliments the line and shapes of the sky, while the guitar is the light permeating through the dark.