This exhibition is filled with different artworks that emphasizes on how different artists have disparate perspectives to the true nature of beaches today. Each of these artworks represent a story as the diverse colours exemplifies emotions and feelings that artists may want to get through to the audience. These artworks will cause many different opinions on beaches as they draw out the admiration and keenness inside of you to understand the meaning behind each work as they accentuate the beauty of nature. This exhibition is filled with artworks that relates to each other as they all hold a similar meaning that corresponds to the exhibition purpose. All of the artworks relate to each other due to the scenery that is chosen by the creators. The colours vary from dark and dull tones to bright and exultant colours which makes all the artworks agree to the exhibitions purpose. The relationship between the artworks and the theme is that the theme focuses on how beaches are seen through different impressions from the public and how the use of tools can convey emotions and a story. Moreover, the artworks also allow the viewers to have an open mind and to deeply understand the meaning behind each piece. All of the unique artworks relates to each other as the colours that are used are seen in all places where the beaches are situated. Without further ado, I would be delighted to introduce you to this exhibition to explore and fulfill your desires in discovering how each artwork is significant in their own way.

This work accentuates the Cultural Frame due to the use of an Asian language in the artwork
I believe that this work evidences the Structural Frame as there are many techniques, colours, tones and elements that are involved in this artwork.
This artwork is an example of a Post Modern Frame as it is a parody of a beach.
This artwork represents the Subjective Frame as the dark and dull colors depicts the artists emotions