Natural high points - austin lopez

These paintings are about mountains and how beautiful they can be from a wide open angle. They are all oil paintings as oil paintings have that look of age. The landscape is a vast open space making the mountains look evidently larger.

This piece has a mountain covering most of the painting and a lake at the bottom. The mountains show scale because of the bottom of the mountain to the top and the lake at the bottom. The sunset sets a mood of the end of day and gives the mountain blue streaks of its sides.
The hills in the front surround a lake in the middle while there are large mountains in the back. There are trees to the bottom right like a forest. The size of the mountains in the background fits well with the theme since they are accompanied by open space in the front of the painting. This painting has proportion from the sky to the lake everything looks well balanced.
This piece shows the mountain in almost the whole painting but we see land off to the side on the left. Two people seem to be walking up the mountain towards a house on top the hill to the left. A storm approaches as we can tell by the way the tree in the center left leans towards the right and by the peoples clothes look like it is windy.
This painting has wide open land leading to large mountains in the background. A tall tree stands alone in the middle of the painting but does not fully obscure the view of the mountains. A small lake is in the middle of the land accompanied by some trees as well. This is a beautiful view of wide open space and large mountains giving a sense of scale.
This piece is close to the mountain with open land in the back left. Trees line the bottom of the mountain as well as more open space to the right. A small house is on the side of the mountain and smoke comes out of the top of the mountain. The large sky compares to the large mountain and wide open space making it feel unrestrained.
This perspective is at the bottom of a mountain with what looks to be a boy exploring it. Bushes and moss cover the ground and bottom of the mountain. The mountain looks Huge compared to the boy and the light at the top indicates that there is more to see. The dark shadow gives a scary vibe but this boy looks unaffected by it.
This painting shows a forest leading to the bottom of a huge mountain. The wide open space is taken by the trees but still gives that open space feel. The mountains are shined upon by the sun creating a beautiful effect of sunset in the distance. The mountain is massive compared to the trees at the bottom.
This piece starts at the top of the mountain but we still see the scale of it to the right. Rocks cover the mountain and in those rocks looks to be an explorer. Bits of snow look to be melting away with the sunlight. The mountains in the distance also show the scale of the mountains and they give off the sense of wide open space.
This painting shows a beautiful view of the mountain and what awaits below. A huge boulder is seen at the bottom left and to the right is a river going towards the mountain. Trees follow the river and cover most of the land. The way the mountains peaks at the top makes it look scary to climb. Snow can be seen at the top of the mountain as the sun shines on it.
This painting has a massive mountain right in the middle showing how beautiful mountains can be. The land below has a house with what looks to be a couple out for a walk by the river. Comparing that to the mountain it looks massive. The proportion of the mountain and land is quite astounding. The sun shines behind the mountain creating a open space feel.
Credits: All media
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