this picture example of High Renaissance.The lament to Jesus
this picture is example of Mannerism
This paint is example of Baroque
This paint is example of neoclassicism.Abandon him during the Trojan War, the legendary hero of the Greek island Phioctetes this depiction
This picture is example of Romanticism.the importance of human life, particularly his family, now occupies his thoughts more and more, and his friends appear as frequent subjects in his art.
the realist approach
this picture is example of Impressionism,a serious and somber scene,
This picture is example of expressionism. It depicts a man in a private moment of anguished despair and anxiety, while the other people in the painting, perhaps his friends, seem blissfully unaware of the man's situation.
this is a cubist art
A surrealist art.In this painting, the artist portrays what she considered to be a forced feeding diet.
a pop art.
an Abstract expressionism
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