think of the children

The children victim to the very adult decisions of World War 1.By Jill Barrere

Observe the irony of this picture. The purity of the white dress on this little girl, and the fact that a gruesome World War was just about to begin.
A little boy and his dad mourn the losses near to them as they observe the flowers placed below to honor their fallen neighbors.
Two out of the three faces in this picture have smiles attached.
With war comes a given sense of patriotism, but do these children even know what the flag they stand in front of is doing in reality?
"Daddy Daddy look what I can do!!!!"
Children gathering to hear what was going on in the war as the people they looked up to were off partaking in one of the most inhumane things known to man, the kids only knew what was to be made known.
Hands rip apart as a child sends their father off to sea. Children in the war constantly had to part with loved ones due to fighting overseas.
Children were often encouraged to participate on the home-front, commonly by participating in agricultural efforts. Since they could not do anything directly in the war, they made efforts otherwise.
This photo is a different variation of it's predecessor.
This photo captures the sad moment of goodbye children knew all too well. The last hug and kiss before months of waiting would ensue.
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