color schemes

The primary color red really stands out because it is the brightest color in the artwork. It gives most of the attention to the hat.
Green is a secondary color. it is used to make the book seem the grass to show that the book is about a garden.
there are several sets of complementary colors in this painting. Blue is complementary to green and green is complementary to blue and yellow. These colors give the painting a dual and gloomy effect.
This is a photo of red being the monochromatic color scheme.The red give the room an exciting effect showing love
This black and white photo gives this picture a gloomy theme. Making it look like it is taken place during the night.
This is a picture of a analogous color scheme. The green and the blue are right next to each other and are placed together in the painting.
cool colors. the light colors bring out the water and a calm effect.
The warm colors bring out the mood of the painting. it gives the the painting a warm soothing feeling of taking place in the summer time.
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