The cool feeling the hue blue provides in art

Topic Color Element. Ive chose this theme because when I see the color blue I feel the cool feeling in a image. It helps me feel the art and combine myself as one with the art itself. Besides blue being my favorite color as well.

I chose this image because of the beauty of the blue sky provides such warm cool feeling in the art which makes it appear more realistic.
I chose this image because the blue sky provides the pop in this image, looking at the sky gives you the cool feeling in feeling like you're one with the art.
I chose this image because by adding blue to this image helps the image feel realistic and helping the audience gain a true feeling to the art itself
I chose this image because by adding the rhythmic of yellow green helps reveal the color of blue which helps makes the view feel the move of color.
I chose this image because the multiple blue background helps the mood of the art and that color is blue. Blue in the sky and is also repeated throughout the town causing the cool feeling.
I chose this image because by adding the blue in the background it brings out the cool feeling in this image. Without the blue I believe no other color can mimic such natural feeling.
I chose this image because the way the artist used the color blue brings the ocean alive as in realistic and shows the force of the ocean.
As you can see the rocks are the main focal point of this image but with the blue ocean and the smooth painting skills gives you another way of feeling the cool color of the blue
I chose this image because this color/texture just helps me relax and feel the waves the ocean creates
the soft brush strokes of the blue color creates the relation in this art. May not be the focal point but helps the audience feel.
By the way the artist creates the wave in the ocean gives the viewers an image to create based off of feelings.
This is a decorative art created in the 1500 but the blue in this image is everything. The repeat of the color helps incorporate the rhythm flow that is needed to help feel the art.
This painting style is incredible with the way the artist creates the perspective lily pads floating to the back of the image.
The blue in the ocean explains a lot in this image. It help me as a viewer to create the feeling that is needed based on the action of the water and its force hitting the rocks ahead.
The blue brings the cool out of the image and the style of the wave brings the tenacious visualization of the image at whole.
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