Graffiti Collection 

A display of graffiti with various meanings. All of the following graffitis are painted by talented artist and they carry with them the voice of the people. They are a way for the common people to express themselves. Graffitis convey a powerful message that spreads like a wildfire as it is seen by anyone who passes by. Originally used by political activist, now it can express all kind of messages.

Here we can see the classic example of a political graffiti. Grafittis were created by political activists in the late 60's and early 70's and here we can see it serving its original purpose. This a political graffiti supporting Barack Obama. It has a very clear message, it shows president Obama's face and then it suggest that the observer should vote for him.
This graffiti was painted by the English street artist, Banksy. This graffiti has a more obscure message. The way I see it makes me feel like the people, represented by the rat, are protesting for peace. The reason why I think the rat is protesting for peace is because the rat is wearing a "hippie" necklace. It seems like the reason the artist decided to depict the people as rats is because a rats are closely related with cities and confined spaces, which is how some people in big cities live.
In this picture we can see a kid fishing for "street cred." The very concept of street cred can be difficult to understand. It involves gaining respect mostly by disrespecting and challenging others. Anyone can find the flaw in this system, and that is that it creates a cycle. This explains why it says: "Did you think it was over?" As both sides will attempt to get "street cred" they will keep competing with each other.
This mural in my opinion serves more as a comic relief in this gallery. It is not very hard to understand what is happening in this painting. As for its message, I don't think its very deep. The Image explains it all.
This graffiti has an aura of sarcasm to it. The supermarket giant "Tesco" is one of the biggest food providers in all of London and the kids in the graffiti seem to be pledging allegiance to Tesco. It probably has this message because the artist felt that a supermarket chain, which provides food for most of London, is more important than the British government.
This is a "Banksy Street rat" in the rooftop of a house in San Francisco. This shows that Banksy is trying to expand and gain more renown. He is trying to get more people to understand his message, which is basic for any artist who aspires to be famous worldwide.
This is another attempt by Banksy to get more famous while at the same time he is trying to prove that he is not a vandal for painting these graffitis. He is trying to prove that graffitis are another form of art. Hence why decided to depict a traditional painter in this mural.
This graffiti is named "Paz y Libertad" which literally translates to "Peace and Liberty." The message of this graffiti is clearly expressed on the title. It is not hard to understand that the people of this area either live under the rule of peace and liberty or wish to live by it.
This graffiti clearly depicts a certain degree of paranoia. It is the fear that some people have that the government is always keeping track of them. This artist reinforces the idea that the government is in fact keeping tabs on us. He is trying to warn us on how we should be careful with our actions because "big brother" is watching us.
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