Harmony in the environment

My gallery represents the beauty and harmony of nature. The pieces found in my gallery are full of color and detail. Vincent Van Gogh tells a story within his paintings. Every detail is captured in his works. Each brushstroke is cautious, but bold. 

The soft and simple colors led me to this image. The brush strokes made are very unique.
A beautiful yellow tint occupies the following painting. The artist incorporated a great amount of detail.
In my opinion, this painting displays a large amount of romance. The painting shows two figures affectionately walking together.
The balance of color in this painting is absolutely striking. The artist excellently blended the brushstrokes.
Vincent Van Gogh risked playing with different kinds of yellow. It definitely paid off.
Starry Night is one of my favorites. It is very complexed and detailed. The brushstrokes are very distinc.
The colors in this piece work together very nicely. Also, the detail is impeccable.
This piece is sort of gloomy, but I see it as beautiful. Even though the flowers are dying, they continue to display beauty.
This is another version of the original Starry Night. Similarly, the brushstrokes are easy to identify.
This painting is absolutely excellent at displaying detail. Also, the black and white found in this piece fit.
I like this painting because it represents two very different techniques. The first technique is the blended ground. The second is the sharp, detailed trees.
I chose to end with a very strong piece. The color is well balanced. Also, I admire the different shades of green used.
Credits: All media
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