Works of art and architecture I would like to see in person.

These are pictures of art work that caught my eye by there designs. The last three are place I would like to see in person. There architectural view intrigues my mind. The beauty, the design and the expression of colors are out of this world.

In this oil painting done on canvas, Seurat illustrates people enjoying time in a park located “on an island in the Seine River called La Grande Jatte. He used complementary colors throughout the painting. He started with layer of small horizontal brushstrokes and later used small dots. Closely examining the painting, dots are noticed, known as Pointillism. Once you see the painting from a distance, these dots seem solid as a whole and bright in color. Around the edge, he also used dots to show the visual transition between the interior and the frame. This piece of artwork is found in Paris, France.
Suzhou Museum adjoins the two landmarks, one from the 19th-century historical structures, and a 16th-century garden listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Design with whitewashed plaster walls, dark grey clay tile roofs and intricate garden architecture. The designers stayed contemporary in hopes to move direction into the future of Chinese modern architecture.
This beautiful water lily table lamp is one of a kind, made from gilt and chased bronze, etched and engraved blown glass. The bronze stems give it an animated but elegant movement all the way up to the blooming flower. The shade of the blown glass give the petals a soft texture looked. This piece have been loan out to many people.
This beautiful sketched piece know as a baroque was crafted from Hand-colored engraving on paper. With engraving comes shape lines and the use of colors have this artwork popping out at you. Maria was always fascinated with insects and animals in their natural habitats. She studies these bugs in South America and found pineapple to be the best edible fruit. She placed cockroaches on the pineapple due to these insects loved the sweet fruit.
This pavilion is anchored by four enormous steel columns and comprised of large wood planks and a unique overlapping glass planes to create a dramatic, mulit-dimensional building. This exquisite building is used for events of all kinds. The Serpentine Gallery Pavilion was created at a time when artists began to work in less formal groups and defined artistic movements. This would be wonderful to gaze at in person.
Work on Wissahichon Crossing mural began in 2011, is produced from watercolor. The shading with the water helps you feel the movement of the river. The use of a tactile hand and brilliant glazes make this mural feel alive. The architectural and botanical details unite it with its setting.
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