Time and motion

The horizontal lines in the horse's body as well as the shape and lines of the garment and hair of the rider depict movement away from the shore.
The volume of the flag and the horizontal line it has against the flag bearer indicates the wind blowing on it behind him.
The horizontal lines and spacing of the athletes gives the effect of movement towards the right side of the piece.
This photo captures the movement of the water as it falls from the top to bottom. The shape and lines that can be seen with in the water itself direct the flow in a downward movement.
Adonis' grip on the staff and the angling and position of his legs as well as the legs and body of Venus depict motion to the right as Venus is clinging to Adonis.
The arch of the fire depicts its moving upward and the contrasting lines of the tower with horizontal against vertical lines brings out the downward collapsing of the building.
The horizontal lines as well as the raised arm with the thunderbolt and contracted muscles bring out the action of Zeus throwing a thunderbolt.
The flier lifted above the ground, posed to make another move as he is tucked in with arms extended while the fliers in the background have their arms in a lower positions shows the movement of flight.
Many aspects of this painting indicate motion as the man on the left is falling, one knee on the ground, the other slightly above. Another man is grasping his sword.
The curvature of the sail accompanied by the color change in the water and horizontal lines of the boat indicate movement of the boat, cutting through the waves as the unseen wind pushes it along.