This is a collection of pictures from the VE day celebration at the end of World War 2.  I chose these photos because it is a moving collection of pictures that show the elation of people all over the world at the end of the war.  Each photo is of a different region and shows that the celebration of VE day was a world wide event with almost everyone celebrating. The images are all street scenes of parades or marches to mark occupied countries freedom.  You can see the comparison of enthusiasm in each photo based on its location.  The picture of Montreal, New York and Washington show people who are relived to have there country out of war.  The Paris, Germany and concentration camp photos show people who are elated to have there freedom returned.  Despite this difference people world wide were celebrating in the same way,  by marching through the streets. This is a good demonstration of the myth of photographic truth.  From these photos you would think that the heartbreak of the war was over.  That is not the case it took years to clean up the mess that the war caused and many people were never able to return to there lives prior to the war.  As well liberation was a gradual process and although these cities are celebrating many concentration camps and cities would not be freed for another month. These photos over look that aspect.

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