BitterSweet Nature

This gallery is a representation of natures beauty and fury. Natures artistry can be expressed in a wide variety of ways. In this art gallery the art will cover different climates from around the world; ranging from breathtaking views to the beautiful disasters that captures the hearts of all.

Hawk in the changing nature was painted using techniques of calligraphy. The artwork shows a hawk standing on a pine branch as it looks at the changing scenery of nature around it. The artist painted this picture using the freehand style; adding specific details to the face and claws of the hawk. This artworks reflects a good example of the beauty that nature has to offer.
This peaceful photo depicts a great scenery of wildlife, rivers, and an amazing view of the mountains; all of which represent some aspect of the nature. The photo shows oxen eaten grass in the golden fields, the calm river waters shimmering as the wind blows, and the vast mountains covered with snow. Looking very closely at this photo, a figure is made out laying down on a stone wedged in as if he/she is hiding.
In this photograph it shows the sun at the highest point of the day, given the title of the photo. This photo was taken in 1856 which would explain the type of tone that the photo presents. In the photograph we can see the sunlight beaming on the ocean with sailboats in the distance. Looking at the shoreline, three horses are in standstill with one attached to a carriage. The ocean view and the sun in the sky are great representations of nature in Normandy.
This winter night painting was created by Harald Sohlberg. The color and texture of his painting depicts a calm and cool winter night under the stars. Just looking at the painting we see structures of snow both on the left and right sides. In the center of the two snow covered structure hangs a bright yellow star; most likely "The North Star". In the upper left of the painting a clutter of stars is painted to portray the "Big Dipper". One last surprising detail Harald adds to his painting is a cross on the right tip of the mountain. From a distance this painting may look like an ordinary snow formation but when zooming in and actually looking at the details, we see the magic and artistry in front the masterpiece. This painting is an amazing example of nature at its finest.
In this photograph rain is falling on a man wearing a raincoat. As he sits on his horse and appears to be gazing at something. Based on the photograph it looks like he is watching over his cattle and tending to them. The artist uses a type of watercolor paint to blend in with the rainfall and the wet moisture imagery. This painting fits perfectly in the theme of bittersweet sweet nature given the fact that rain is a necessity for all living things.
This painting portrays an oncoming storm as people hurry to make it to safety. In the upper left side of the painting dark clouds begin to roll in and block the sunlight. Looking closely at the water, we see the roughness begin to take effect. Lastly, the trees tell their own story as they begin to sway as the high winds roll in from the left .The painting more shows the bitterness of nature that tend to take place all over the world.
In this painting it depicts the bitter fury of the nature's wrath. A volcano has erupted and dark ashes fill the night sky. The artist uses bright red colors to represent the lava flow of the volcano. One side of the painting is filled with the volcano's residue while the other shows the moonlight hitting the calm waters. Though this painting may look like a disaster, it can be best described as a beautiful disaster of nature.
Waterfalls are a magnificent part of nature. In this drawing, rock structures are surrounding a blissful waterfall. As water smashes on the stone structures the mist spreads through the air. Water flows down the obstacle of rocks into a calm stream where two men stand on land. The artist uses strokes of blue and white colors to create the thirst effect of the water.
This painting is inspired by the book of revelations where it speaks of judgment day. The artist used scriptures to describe an create his painting. hey we can see boulders falling from the sky and the earth being cracked open as God pours is wrath on mankind. On the lowest sides of the painting, bodies are falling through the cracks of the earth. In the upper left of the painting taking a closer look the earth is literally folding into a lava filled grave. This is a very interesting picture because it shows nature in such a violent way that only the human mind can imagine.
Rainy Season In The Tropics is the type of artwork that people only dream to see in real life. This painting features double rainbows showing the vibrant colors of red, yellow, blue, and a hint of green. As water flows over the cliffs of the rocky landscape, we see the process of evaporation taking place; creating a type of heavenly feel to the art work. The artists adds a glossy moist look to the landscape with the sunlight shining off of it. The plant life and tropical fauna also adds an amazing touch to the painting which gives off a realistic feel to the experience. This is truly one of the greatest sites of nature shown in the form of a painting.
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