Egyptian Art

Egyptian Art is very interesting and some of these art pieces are very important to me and they tell a story that regards many types of things I find interesting and important to me in my life.

The Kneeling Statue of Khaemwaset was found during 1281-1277. No one is certain on who made it or who found it. The one place you will be able to see it at is in the Brooklyn Museum.
Amphora with Herakles and Busiris was found in Circa 540 B.C. It was created by Swing Painter. He was a Greek Artist. You could find this piece of art at the Cincinnati Art Museum.
This piece of art is the Flight into Egypt. It is undated because no one is absolutely certain when it was created. But we do know who created it and that was Richard Cosway.
This Vase was created by Thomas Webb and Sons in 1874-1887. The one place someone is capable of viewing this piece of art at is at the Cincinnati Art Museum.
This is the Rest on the Flight into Egypt. It is different from the other picture regarding the flight into Egypt. This photo is establishing that throughout the journey they had to stop and take a break.
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