Title: Perspective of Life, Nature and Love                By: ROSSELYN ABRIL

Art is a way to express life in a form that you can put into your own perspective.  For my Art Gallery I chose to do perspective as my visual theme, because we all have different ways we look at things. I also chose to do love and nature as my subject based theme. 

In this picture I see houses in the distance, with many confusing different paths. "focus on the goal but watch your step" this is my perspective of this picture.
I see a man taking care of his wife so gently that she is blooming into a flower. Always treat your loved one like a flower. This is my perspective on the love and nature depicted in this picture
I see a young boy playing in a garden of flowers with his cat in the background. In my perspective this shows the beauty in nature and how selfless children are.
I see a lot of heart airplanes, getting ready to take off. In my perspective, love is a lot like these airplanes. You need to dare to hop on and enjoy the love of your life.
I see a frail grandmother lying alone in a bed. In my perspective grandparents are almost always forgotten especially when they feel the need for someone the most.
I see a mother changing her son's diaper as her daughter plays with her doll. In my perspective this is the love a mother has for her kids, and also the life a mother has being the rock of the home.
I see a couple hugging each other, but behind each other's back they are stabbing each other. In my perspective, not because they are hugging you means they want the best for you.
I see a wife walking away from her husband so as o separate from him. As she walks away, his heart is being torn from his chest, whilst feeling the pain of a heartbreak.
I see a giant field in its purest form. I also see a woman alongside her man. In my perspective this picture depicts the true meaning of a marriage, always supporting her husband, never leaving his side.
I see a couple kissing, one being fire and another being water. In my perspective opposites attract. A real true love knows how to make a great foundation having both personalities.
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