Artistic Effort

Now & Then

The Quire Ceiling by William Blake Richmond in St. Paul's Cathedral was commissioned in 1891. William Blake Richmond on gaining the commission visited Italy to study Mosaic art. Williams chose a depiction out of the book of Revelations dealing with the risen Christ in glory between recording angels. My theme Now & Then is being addressed in the piece and the magnitude of effort put into art works
The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh created in 1889 is the view from his room in the Asylum Saint Remy De Provence. The Post Impressionist work of swirling clouds, and blazing stars have captivated minds for centuries. Here though again you can see the oil based canvas required a great deal of effort.
The Mummy Coffin of Djedmontefanch Priest of Amun from 945-712 BC. As you look into the intricate carvings on the coffin you can see the time and care put into each work. The time and patience to complete such a piece must have been pain staking. This again ancient work is the work of artist physically engrossed in the art work.
The March on Washington in Photographs. This photo taken in 1963 is held in our National Archives. This piece is what I consider to be the "Now" of Artist Effort. Without a great deal of effort one can now capture art as it occurs. The intensity and drama of the day written on this young lady's face forever capture in black and white.
This Lifetime Photo Collection has a shot of Jackie Kennedy as she traveled to Cambodia. The photo was taken by Larry Burrows Nov 24th, 1967. The High Resonance art that she is viewing is not though the topic. It is the simple photo of Jackie Kennedy viewing the art is the art. A now moment captured in time.
Che Guevara photo by Jim Fitzpatrick in 1968. El Che or Ernesto Che Guverara's photo has been printed over and over again. I would go to say that not many people living in a civilized world would not recognize this print immediately. It is another Now work of art with the simple use of a camera this photo art work has become the symbol of revolution and uprising. Lacking though a certain human bond that can only be achieved by human cantact.
This Civil Rights Meeting captured Jan 18th,1964 by Yoichi Okamoto. Depicts President Linden B. Johnson sitting with Dr. Martine Luther King discussing the plight of the African American in the United States of America. The symbolic powerful photo embraces the struggle against the machine and has frozen this moment forever. Still lacking the imagination quality of "Then" art work.
Hitler-Stalin pack photo taken in 1989 by Peteris Elferts resides at the museum of the Occupation of Lativia 1940-1991. On its face it is just a photo of a wall covered in Nazi graffiti. In "Now" works of art it is the story that claims the emotional attraction, not the art.
A Field of Blue Bonnets, Late Afternoon Sunlight (1919-1920) by Julian Onderdonk "The Texas Painter". This "Now " art work has used the "Then" style of painting referred to as Impressionism. It is easy to see the emotion, and one get captivated by the piece's tranquil, bountiful colors. Todays style of art has its merits, but the painstaking strokes, and color mixtures in the impressionist rendition is truly one of a kind.
This last piece in my gallery is a piece created by Anthony Van Dyck called "Saint Sebastian Tended by an Angel, 1630-1632. This "Then" art work again is ones creation from the smallest glimmer of light to bold overpowering colors by the effort of the artist. The drama and intensity is created by brushes strokes and skills of the visionary. In conclusion I must say that artist of old have put in more effort in their renditions and gives cause as to why they are so valued.
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