Love and friendship

The word "love" is attached to so many mixed emotions and "friendship" is a bond that roots from love. The two go hand in hand like butter on toast. Love and friendship is about loyalty, unity, and a strong connection between souls. The emotions may not always be pleasant, but they're always present. Lucretius talks about the nature of things and the way I see it, love is apart of nature and friendship is one thing that can come from love. Love makes the world go round. If it didn't exist, then neither would relationships. Love is a necessity to LIFE. Go ahead! Explore life! Explore friendship! And explore love. 

Sisterhood is a type of friendship and bond that comes from loving one another. In a sisterhood, women carry loyalty, respect, and care. This image here depicts the close knit relationship of sisters.
"The Love Dance of Atoms" Atoms make up human beings as well. Lucretius says, "Thus matter made of solid stuff, can stay, lasting forever" (Lucretius 18). This image shows unity of atoms in love.
Mixed emotions in the form of colors. Red is angry, yellow is mellow, blue is sad, green is happy. Sometimes in love and friendship, you may feel differently on the inside than on the outside.
Thoreau argues that "The mass of men live their lives of quiet desperation" (Thoreau 11). In this image, there are two people desperate to share love before their life's end but they are emotionless.
Without love and friendship, she is alone, emotionless, and empty.
Epictetus questions "Can family affection be good and natural.Of course not" (Epictetus 31). But Love is valid in any connection of beings. This image shows a bond in brotherhood that came naturally.
Wollstonecraft says, "woman, either slave or queen, is quickly scorn'd when not ador'd" (Wollstonecraft 56). Without love, a woman is nothing. Thus, she needs love to feel wanted. Love is a necessity.
Love makes the world go round. With love comes feelings and relations. Love controls all mankind. "Love is Nobody's Bitch"
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