Their eyes were watching god

In the inspiring novel "Their Eyes Were Watching God", authored by Zora Neale Hurston, womanhood, love, and gender roles prove to be powerful as well as captivating themes throughout the story. 

This photo can represent sorrow, reflecting on the past, and worry. The whole book is Janie telling her life story to her friend on a porch one evening, so I feel this is a very important factor of the novel. Looking back at our lives can makes us either thankful or very regretful but the past can be, at times, impossible to ignore.
This image, for me, represents control and innocence. In the novel Janie's innocence is stripped from her at a young age. As a result of her kissing a boy when she was 16, her grandma promptly married her off to a much older man in the hopes of Janie leading a respectable lifestyle.
A strong sense of caring and womanly compassion is portrayed in this picture. Women helping and empowering other women is important in this novel because of the various friendships Janie describes. She also tells that these friendships can make life some what easier because there is someone else who understands the hardships of living in the time period when racism as well as sexism were practiced.
I thought this was a beautiful representation of racial diversity. Race plays a huge role in Their Eyes Were Watching God. Discrimination and prejudice lead Janie's life in many ways, she feels her place in society is already chosen by the color of her skin because that's the world she was raised in.
Janie must be silent when she's being abused by her second husband Joe, because of his higher,more respected position in the community as the mayor. He restricts her from the most basic joys, including leaving her hair down, dressing how she likes, and doing activities that she enjoys. This controlling and destructive relationship only leaves Janie feeling small, weak, and almost worthless. She feels almost liberated when he finally dies.
I connect with this photo because jealousy can feel like it's destroying you. It can make you insecure, unsure of yourself, and hopeless. Janie feels jealousy and doubt in Teacake when she first moves in with him because he takes her money and disappears for three days. She imagines him running off with a younger woman and leaving her broken and old. He eventually comes back with a guitar to play her love songs and a wild story to tell about why he was missing.
Companionship and love are very prominent themes throughout the book. Having a real bond with someone can be life changing. Janie feels that her adoration for Teacake and their never ending trust and care for each other keep them stable and very safe. They don't need anybody but each other
After Tea Cake dies, Janie feels a deep set sorrow. In this photo isolation and desolate sadness can be interpreted. I feel Janie felt this way, the author describes her pain vividly, "She wishes she had slipped off that cow tail and drowned then and there and been done. But to kill her through Tea Cake was too much to bear. Tea Cake, the son of Evening Sun, had to die for loving her."
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