Twilight of the Gods

This gallery includes a series of relief sculptures depicting the Norse gods, valkyries and warriors of Valhalla fighting giants, a snake and a wolf.

Warriors that are chosen to die bravely on the battlefield will be guided by the Valkyrie. Some will go to the halls of Valhalla while others will go to Folkvangr. In Valhalla the warriors are greeted by an enormous hall full of other fallen warriors. On this piece, you can see the valkyries carrying the fallen men away from battle to Valhalla where they shake hands with fellow warriors.
Upon entering Valhalla, the Warriors are then called the Einherjar. During the day, the Einherjar train in preparation for Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods. At night they are served mead by the valkyrie and feast at a great banquet table. This is to be Odin's army to fight Surtr and the giants, the giant wolf Fenrir and Jormungand, a snake that encircles the world. With this piece, you can see the men being served by the valkyries at a table made of swords and shields.
Iðunn is the goddess of Youth and Immortality. She carries a box made of ash wood full of golden apples which is handed out to each of the other gods. These golden apples keep the gods young and in the prime of their life. Whenever age starts to creep in they would take a bite and keep it at bay. The gods heavily rely on these apples to keep them young and strong until Ragnarok. In this piece you can see Iðunn passing out apples to the other gods. Odin sits with two valkyrie at hand and his two dogs Freki and Geri at his feet.
The Einherjar prepare for Ragnarok. Odin's son Bragi, Iðunn's husband, is the god of poetry. He is often seen in Valhalla with his father and is usually the one that greets those that enter it. In this piece, you can see Bragi talking to the others, possibly inspiring them with tales of the glories of battle or perhaps preparing them mentally for what is to come during Ragnarok.
When Ragnarok comes, Heimdall, the watchman for the gods, blows into Gjallarhorn to signal the arrival of the giants. The gods lead their armies to the field to meet their enemies head on. It is said that Odin will lead his army in dressed in gold armor. In this piece you can see the Einherjar blowing their horns as they charge to battle with the Valkyrie's leading the way.
Odin and Tyr meet Loki's son, the giant wolf Fenrir in battle but are both killed. Thor manages to kill the giant snake Jormungandr, but is poisoned by its venom, he takes nine steps, then dies. Heimdall battles with Loki in the sea and both kill each other. In this piece, you can see Odin charging at Fenrir with his spear ready to strike. Behind him rides Tyr ready to assist his father. Next to Odin rides his other son, Thor, meeting Jormungandr in battle.
The Einherjar do what they can to assist the gods in battle. When Odin and Tyr are killed by Fenrir, Odin's silent son Vidarr steps up and kills Fenrir by breaking its jaw in half. In this piece you can see the warriors calling for others to join them as they fight to help Odin. They fight with clubs and tree branches, which would probably be ineffective against the beasts.
The warriors aid and assist each other as they fight on the Battlefield. They mainly fought the ice and fire giants so the gods can face the beasts. It isn't said what happens to the warriors during Ragnarok. In this piece you can see the Valkyrie helping the men up while others charge into battle behind them.
When Heimdall blew his horn to alert everyone of Ragnarok, the dvergr, or dwarves, groaned and hid in their mountains halls hoping to avoid the great battle. In this piece, you can see the dvergr hiding but the giants are destroying their homes as they tear up stone to throw. On the right is Surtr, the king of the fire giants with his sfiery sword.
In the end, Surtr will unleash his flames upon the earth, burning everything. In an effort to save itself, the earth covers itself in water to put out the flames. All light is gone. Then the waters go down and vegetation grows back. Two humans, Lif and Lifthrasir, survived Ragnarok and will repopulate as the world begins anew. Man, giant, Valkyrie and dvergr all lay dead as Surtr prepares to unleash his flame.
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