Jordan Van Wagner 


This sculpture shows space because the area around the object is a blackish gray.
This sculpture shows texture because the hair on his head and face were carved out to make it look like real hair.
This sculpture shows proportion because the size of all of his body parts match up so that it looks like that of a real person.
this sculpture shows variety because it combines the elements of color, texture, and form. It also has some lines on it that were painted in different colors.
This sculpture shows harmony because because the people that are in it have the same color of clothes on which makes them have similarity.
This sculpture shows shape because the design was chipped into it so it is still flat, it is not three dimensional.
This sculpture shows line because it shows the thickness of lines and curvy lines.
This sculpture shows form because it is a sphere which is a thee dimensional object.
This sculpture shows pattern because the balls that the sculpture is made of keep repeating themselves.
This sculpture shows rhythm because the pattern of the things that are hanging from up above give it the illusion of movement.
This sculpture shows balance because everything is the same on both sides, so if you were to cut it in half the two sides would like alike.
This sculpture shows emphasis because the whole body of the sculpture is tan and it is hold something that is red,the ling that is red stands out because it is the only thing that is a different color
This sculpture shows color because the block towers that are holding up the two guns have many different colors the handles for the two guns are different colors and the wheels of the wagon are blue
This sculpture is representing movement because the fire that is in the middle if the sculpture is moving in different directions.
This sculpture represents value because the body is a lighter wood and the clothes that he is wearing are very dark, and the light is reflecting off of his body making it even lighter.