Nathan's Art Project 2012

This collection of mine features many people from time periods like the Renaissance Period and the Crusades. Some of the Museums that the pieces are held in are the Uffizi Gallery, The Gemäldegalerie, and The Tate Museum, in London. My favorite piece from this period is Annunciation because i like the Angel-like theme and the Blue tint of the entire piece.

This portrait is of an "Annuciation." It was made by Leonardo Da Vinci, who painted it around 1472. Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci never reall attended school?
This painting is of a Merchant named Georg Gisze. It was made by Hans Holbein the Younger. Hans Holbein produced propaganda for the army.
This Picture is of The Battle of San Romano which probably took place around 1420. It was made by Paolo Uccello.
This picture is a picture of two women and one man sitting at a table while eating in a resturant. It was made by Carl Bloch and is held in the Statens Museum.
This Picture is of Saint Sebastion getting hurt by people who have arrows.
This painting was made by Hans Holbein the Younger, who was, of course, an artist and a German Printmaker. Holbein produced propaganda for the rulers of his village/town.
Credits: All media
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