Dreams & Nightmares

Dreams & Nightmares is a collection of art with an "out of this world" perspective. From the dark and twisted to the beautiful and misguided. This collection is a group of contrasted images living in the same modern and misunderstood world through the raw and uncensored emotions of the artist's.

The Rider Who Bit Off the Horse's Head (1994) is an elegant and grotesque piece relaying the struggles of the energized and the directionless. In a colorful and saturated world it conveys a dream state masked in a nightmare.Showing true emotion and feeling through the artists intentions.
Aggression II (1979) is a raw unrelenting graphic design made completely through singular emotion designed to show a character aggressive in nature and visually misunderstood. Conflicted with confusion and insecurity the design sheds light on aggression while also giving insight on the darkest and scariest emotions of the human psyche.
Guardian Angel (1990) is a lucid and free flowing painting. Created to draw attention to the ideals of afterlife and protection from a higher force. With its distorted and almost disturbing outlook on protection, it views as a dream set up through oil on canvas. Beautiful creation hiding itself with the misunderstanding of evil and or life itself.
The Simpsons Visit Her in Her Dreams (2009) creates a terrifying look into the world of popular cultures impact on the subconscious through the understanding of dreams, Through a loss of innocence and compromise the human brain gives into the world of distorted reality. With this terrifying look into the idea of human interaction with entertainment, it raises questions of whether or not we are capable of releasing ourselves from its grasp.
Lost Lamb (1994) is a classic look into the life of the shepherd and his lost sheep through a disorienting but understandable view. A shepherd is guiding the sheep to greener pastures, leading it to a happier life while all the while the sheep trusts and believes in his shepherd to do so. Although falling from his watch time and time again the Shepherd never loses the lamb.
One and Two Woman (2008) is an abstract look into the evolving world of feminism through the eyes of a man. Molding the environment from abstract structures of woman and creating a subject through the form of the modern feminist. The piece combines the likeness of dreams. Creating a world of fantasy and realism while bringing them together into a sensical world showing something either uplifting or detrimental to a cause depending on how it is viewed by its audience.
Flirt (2007) Through a dark and confusing piece of art comes a painting hidden with meaning of human emotion and courtship. Through the subject of flirtation and objects given meaning in the ideals of sexual attraction. They find themselves misunderstood yet natural. As the subjects remain left in the dark, courting each other through the world of abstract modernism the painting gains life and experience through the eyes of the viewer while also continuing to be a terrible reminder of the confusion regarding courtship and sexual attraction.
Spring (1977) Coming from the mind of a daydream "Spring" is a combination of innocence and life through the eyes of a child. With earthy tones and a realistic scale of the world around the subjects this painting comes to life as the viewer immerse's themselves back into the mind of their former childhood.
Contemporary Art Center (2011) Is a look into a dream of recall. A woman trying to make it up the stairs and a man focused on everything but the things around him. Through color and a distorted look on reality the painting brings the viewer into what can be assumed as the beginning of a dream while also relaying a message of relentlessness and power.
The Painter and His Model (2010) is and abstract view into the world of an artist. Showing the emotions of the painter through the life he wishes to capture and the serenity and peace of the model allowing herself to be found. The piece is tranquil and beautifully flows together although seems to hide a darkness somewhere unfound, hiding from the final creation. A wonderful piece of art keeping a glimmer of dreams within the viewer.
Credits: All media
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