linguistics and visual arts

2011130555 한규준. I have collected 50 pictures related to 4 topics that we learned in the class. Those 4 topics are Typography, Advertisement, Picture book and Motion pictures. I also wrote some comments and analysis about the picture. When I wrote these comments and analysis, I tried my best to reflect notions, concepts and methods that we learned in class.

There is contrast between left and the right side of the letters in terms of color because one is red and the other one is blue. Also the letters are making overall shape of balloon and shackles.
Clusters of letters are forming images and boundaries of certain images. For example, there is a red ball in the center, small ring in her finger and clothes that she is wearing.
The letters are not only conveying information but also making an image. There is information such as '8pm', '12pm', 'friday', 'FEB.10'. Also, letters are forming a purple hat that a man is wearing.
It seems that someone has punched or smashed the pie, so the purple jam is flowing down. Also the letter "i" in the "pie" is giving you a similar image because the dot in the "i" is smashed.
The letters are providing you information such as phone number, date, location. At the same time, the letters are acting as a background image of the white girl and cat. It is carrying 2 rolls.
The arrangement of letters are forming an image of chopsticks and hand. The letter itself is just a letter. But when letters are clustered, it is forming certain images related to the topic.
The letters 'THE COUP' is filled with certain images related to the movie. For example the letter 'T' is filled with an image of a man smoking who seems to be a main character of the movie.
The letter 'BURN' has a special decoration that looks like the letter is actually burned by fire. So the illustration of the word 'BURN' is aligning itself with the dictionary definition of 'burn'.
The letter 'T' looks like a hammer or shovel that the man in the poster is handling. It is not only a letter but also an image. Also the letter 'T' outstands other images because it is orange colored.
In "The Light Princess", the word "Light" is actually located slightly higher that the other words. It is giving you and image that the word "Light" is floating because it is lighter than the others.
The letters are giving information about phone number, time and location. At the same time the letters are also acting as a part of the whole picture. The letters are performing double role.
The font of letters are well matching with the whole image of the picture. The image at the picture has winding texture. Letters also have winding texture which is well matching with the picture.
This picture is depicting a archer with a bow. And this picture has angular shape and texture. When you look at the letters "HEKA" this also has a angular font without any serif.
This is a advertisement of the car "Pony" from Hyundai. The car is parked in a grassland and this is well matching with the image of pony because the grass is a staple diet of pony.
This is a advertisement of Hercules cycles. It is positioning its brand as premium luxurious brand related to royal family. Therefore, there is a picture of marching carriage with palace guard.
This poster is an advertisement of the ATLAS cycle company. This is providing joyful atmosphere by providing a couple riding bicycle together.
This is an advertisement of the ATLAS bicycle. Poster is plainly stating the phrase "The finest bicycle of today" in order to deliver a message that they are the best at manufacturing bicycle.
This is an advertisement of the metallic burial cases and caskets manufacturing company. The most interesting aspect of this advertisement is that it is depicting the funeral of the president Lincoln
This is an advertisement of the Pan American World Airways. This is showing the identity of the company by providing pictures of the man in Indian traditional costume and the Indian buildings.
The outdoor advertisement has clean and clear white background. The letters are written in red and black color which is bulging because of the color contrast between white and black/red.
This is an copper advertising token for John Thornley, tea merchant. The specific location of the store is mentioned. I was surprise of this copper advertisement technique.
This is a copper advertisement of Uhlhorn Press. The image of machine in the company is depicted in the token. This was my first time seeing these type of token advertisement. It was very impressive.
This is advertisement poster of Air India. There is a man riding elephant costumed in Indian traditional clothes. This is showing the identity and nationality of this airline company.
This is an advertisement poster of the Narocz. Youth sailing camp. This poster is delivering and showing the identity of the camp by showing many boats in the ocean.
This advertisement is showing a man with knife and fork tying to enjoy foods with catsup. The advertisement placed the name of the brand at the front side of the table in order to emphasize the name.
This advertisement is showing woman with bicycle. She looks elegant and stylish. Also the background is majestic and peaceful which is encoding positive images to the Eastern Star bicycle.
This is an advertisement of the tire manufacturing company. There is an angel of death with large scythe. This is delivering a message that if you don't use this tire you might die.
The bicycle advertisement poster is showing peaceful and joyful scene of a couple riding bicycles. This is emotionally appealing to the target potential customer.
The advertisement poster is really dynamic. There is a horse shaking its body in order to fall a man on his back. This visual vectors are giving dynamic image to the advertisement.
The company is using lion as its main character. The lion is wearing crown. The tiger(the king of beast) and crown. Tiger and crown is intended to give NO.1 image to the company.
This is an advertisement for Modjeska Jackets. This advertisement is containing a lot of letters describing strength and function of their clothes. It is rationally appealing to the customers.
This is a picture book. There is an image of god bringing devil into submission. Also there is description about the situation below the picture. Some words are written in red color to be emphasized.
There is a poem of Thomas Gray at the center. And there are pictures surrounding that poem. And this image is giving somewhat peaceful and calm image.
There is a archer at the center of the picture and many soldiers staring at the archer. The specific description is at the top of the picture book page.
This picture book has images with vivid colors. The background of the image and sofa has striped patterns made of blue/red and blue/yellow colors. And eyeballs have blue dots in the white part.
The background of this picture book is consist of green and purple stripes. And there is red dot at the skin of each man and purple dot at the sky. This is forming unique image of this picture book.
This is a comic at sea. The most interesting aspect of this comic is there is no letters at all. All narrative is held in pictures. And the huge wave and bomb is giving dynamic image to the pictures.
This comic is depicting many faces of different people. The facial expression is quite humorously exaggerated.
There is a picture of faces of many different people. There are many faces but non of them are identical. Each one of them has different characteristics in their face.
This is a scene of woman looking for Utrillo painting. The characters in this picture is wearing luxurious party clothes. They seem to be people in upper class enjoying artistic paintings.
The man is drinking alcohol alone. The man seems to be lonely and depressed. The background music is well matching with the situation and emotion of this man.
The goalkeeper is defending goalpost but non of them are shooting. They are playing with their ball. This is making circus-like atmosphere rather than soccer game.
There is a contrast between old truck and fancy new car. The old truck is passing the swamp successfully while the fancy car cannot. This is breaking the stereotype that fancy are will perform better.
The woman dropped rice and sesame in one table and assorting two different grains. The woman is also counting how many rice and sesame are there in the table. The woman probably wants to kill time.
There are bunch of letters and images on this film. The interesting aspect is that these letters and images are not standing by itself. This is constructing bigger picture with other elements.
There is original painting at the museum. And this film is adding many identical pictures of rabbit in order to make a new image and story. The rabbit is extending out from picture to the space.
I was really shocked when I first the man in the center stab the head of the man on the right. He stab the man in order to make a mouth for him. I was impressed by imagination of the creator.
There is a beast running away from the hunters. And the hunters are following the beasts furiously. The background music is also well matching with this situation and forming urgent atmosphere.
Workers are cutting the head of the fish off. This is quite bloody situation but the background music is contrasting from the situation. it is using a calm classical music as a background music.
The background music is making mysterious atmosphere. Also the film is showing a monastery and images painted in the monastery. The situation and the background music is well matching.