Traditional Japanese

This is a collection of traditional style Japanese artworks. Painting has always been a very popular form of artwork; while woodblock gained ground during the Edo period between the 1600-1800's. While some of these artworks are paintings and others woodblock, and some much newer than others, they all retain the traditional style. This can be seen in the very light skins of the individuals in the art, the lightness of the art, the distinct lines, and vivid colors. Many of the artworks depict everyday life or popular stories.

Visually appealing use of lines to depict the moving water. Also uses popular blues and reds. Very fair skin can be seen on the individuals.
A newer work compared to the rest, but still showing traditional style. Again the lines are very solid and it shows the use of blues, with fair skin for the woman.
The lines again are very solid and in this instance show an illusion of rain washing down upon the silhouettes.
This image gives a closer depiction of the faces that where popular in Japan. These appear very different from the European styles faces in woodblock and paintings. Again the very solid lines and red and blues appear.
This depicts a popular story where a poem is being given to the woman. The use of space draws the viewers eyes to the focal point of her. Once again, many blues and reds.
The color is a little lacking but again there is very good use of solid lines in what appears to be everyday life.
The reeds show excellent use of lines and give the feeling that the wind is blowing them sideways. The use of space again draws the eye to the central focal point of the individuals and there is the staple use of bright colors.
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