Color and emotion

The colors in this art piece give a calm and cool atmosphere. It could also seem a little melancholy.
The dark colors and the wild way in which they are added give a sense of fear and strong emotion.
This artwork uses a lot of bright colors which give the painting a cheerful mood.
This painting uses a lot of dark and washed out colors. It's very dull and gives the impression of a dark and trying time.
The use of blues and grays in this painting really set the mood while the white of the dove makes me think of possible hope amidst the apparent despair.
In this painting there are a lot of warm colors like red, yellow, and orange, which makes me think of a warm sunny afternoon. The colors make me feel peaceful and content.
I chose this painting because I just really liked the use of red with the slight yellow in the hood and hands. It's very simple and the white of the mask on the face makes it pop out of the painting.
The artist of this painting seemed to have used a wide range of colors to get a look of the nature. Orange and yellow seem to be dominant which makes the scene look warm and inviting.
As hinted in the title, I find that the use of mainly orange, yellow, and red give this work a bold and proud look.
In this painting the red to me seems to mean something like blood while the black cloaks of the figures and darker colors make me think of a dark and frightening time.
I chose this artwork mostly because I like the color green. It's dominant in this piece and seems to represent nature.
This art piece also uses a lot of greens and yellows and again give the work a feel of nature.
I always liked japanese-style artwork with the flat colors, and this work's use of the colors work well together for a nature scene.
The star like object in the center of the boardwalk really pops out with it's bright and vibrant colors as opposed to the dullness of the environment surrounding it.
I like how this painting contrasts the darker colors against the bright colors in a depiction of death and life respectively.
Credits: All media
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