Solidity, depth amongst angels, viewer has a distinct viewpoint (right below Christ's head, looking up and down onto seat),
Many viewpoints (looking upwards and down at the same time), angels stacked up around Mary, linear quality to folds (perhaps due to fast-drying tempera paint), prophets with scrolls in bottom tier (realistic space)
Sienese art - highly decorative, highly patterned
Sienese, other-wordly, weightless/liquid fabric, not everyday scene, Christ looks like tiny man (maturity, wisdom of man/GOD), references Christ's death (dead man on Mary's lap, sadness, foreboding his future), childlike naturalistic gesture, parapet (placed in space), damage = burnt by candles, small and personal, intimate
Lorenzetti - one of two brothers, students of Duccio Tells story of Christ being brought to the temple to be circumcised Christ - actually looks like an infant - emphasis on architecture, Gothic environment, columns, painted ceiling w/ rib vaults, illusion of space (diagonal lines recede into space) - ancient figure in a modern setting, making this ancient scene immediate
Most famous work Angel Gabriel announcing to Mary that she will give birth of Christ child Words - almost like a speech bubble Elegant and beautiful - student of Duccio attention to pattern and detail, fluidity and delicacy (as if Gabriel has just landed) - vase with lilies = symbols of virginity - Gabriel holds olive branch = symbol of Christ, prince of peace Mary - thing and elongated, modesty, has not yet accepted her destiny as mother of God Holy spirit - symbol of dove surrounded by seraphim, moves toward Mary, almost as if dove is speaking - spiritual, eternal image - not an original frame, art changes over time
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