greek art

by Danton Hall

Although the meaning of this statue is controversial, many find the obvious connection to the poem Odyssey.Odysseus escaped with his men by tying themselves under the sheep.This Great Statue was made around 500 BC
In Greek mythology,the giants fought the gods of mount Olympus to try and gain control. This was very popular in Greek art. This statue represents a young giant born by the sky and has snakes as legs. His hair is wild to represent his wildness. He is shown blocking a blow with his right arm.
This is an Alabastron, most have holes to hold up the pottery but this one has a stand witch is unusual. It was meant to hold perfumed oils. This art captures herdsman with Ibexes and Bulls. Sleeping Gazelles make the handles. This piece is very similar to Egyptian pots because of the shape and glaze.
This marble lion is one of two witch guarded the top of the entrance to a tomb. The other lion is a handmade copy that matches the other perfectly. Although the second lion's front half is missing. The back of this lion was damaged at the back.
This head of Aristotle was most definitely based of a bronze statue. The statue that this head was based off was put up after his death. There are 20 know copies of his head know today. The head has a "thinkers brow".
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