Principle of Balance

The blue figures are placed in Rule of Thirds positioning, with one on both sides and one in the middle. There is equal amounts of purple and brown also.
The perspective of this photo puts the focal point at the exact center with equal elements on all sides.
All focal points are in the center of the photo with one slightly on the right and one slightly on the left.
This piece uses radial symmetry to create total balance.
This painting has a balance of darks and lights. The upper half contains the light source while the lower half has a fading glow and all of the shadows.
This painting maintains balance by splitting the scene in half with the horizon line. The lower half contains the sea and the upper half contains the sky.
This painting is also split by the horizon line and a division of peace and chaos on either side.
This painting has a dividing horizon line, but it is at an angle. The bottom half contains all of the focal points and narrative, while the top half is more open and calm.
This portrait painting has the subject in the exact center, which creates a balance of negative space on either side.
This installation is a series of concentric circles, which create balance in each of the sections. The photo is also balanced by positioning the subject in the center of the frame.
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