Texture & Women by: David Cruz 

Art Gallery By : David Cruz . I will briefly discuss a few images. i will talk about what makes them special and also what kind of message the artist was trying to pass along 

This is image shows two women sitting on a balcony. Behind them is cordoba , Represented by the house and "Fountain Of La Fuenseca". It is said that the image shows a young girl dealing with a broken heart with a friend by her side trying to show support and sympothy
This is such a fine piece of work! The detail is very incredible, The drawing was done in pen and brown ink. The women are dressed in 16th century style clothing , The poses of all the women were very critical when this was created it shows many angles so you get a 360 view of how those women in looked.
This Oil Based Canvas is something to stare at it has so many different dynamics the great Leslie Cole really did a number on this one. The wooden Floors seem so familiar i almost feel like I've been to the place in the picture before. Notice the tin bath full of water next to the baby. Its the small things that change everything.
I Thought this picture spoke volumes about how no matter what time period or era you live or lived in somethings just don't change. Even here in 1875 Hilaire -Germaine-Edgar Degas was able to create an image that we see in everyday life just a different setting and circumstance.
I Definitely feel this image sends out a strong powerful message. It shows in great detail how powerful women are and how powerful women are united. Those are huge crates of rice being held high above their heads as they travel back to a village to feed the family. Women can also provide for the family.
The story behind this image is very intriguing. The three women in the image are actually the same women just the different sides of the women and her nature. As you can see the man is in the shadows behind her and i think that speaks to the saying there is man behind a women's pain
Since same sex couple's have fought for rights and stood up for what they believe in i thought this image was perfect for my art gallery. This was done 101 years ago so imagine the taboo it must have been seen as at this time . The artist was decades ahead of his time to see the beauty in two some loving each other as partners
This image show's an intense and intimate exchange of conversation there's a look of shame on one of them women's faces then there's a look of disappointment on the other , A real mother to daughter type of feel the painting is powerful it shows a bond.
The models in the picture are women from Haikko. These women were outside the church at Ruokolahti. The setting is so well detailed it drops you off right in 1887. Look at everyones clothing , The stonewall in the background it all shows great detail and paints a picture in the picture. Try to look at the image from the artist perspective.
The Three women in the image are colored women obviously but more importantly they are free women. One a flower girl and the other two costumers. You can see a slave and slave owner in the background of the image if you look closely. Notice that both Black males in the image are wearing white and white only
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