This is one of the most well known paintings in the world, made bu Wan Gogh in 1889. It was the view from his room while in France, and was painted from memory during the day. Most interesting to me about this painting is the amount if movement in it. The entire painting is created with very fluid looking lines and movement.
I love this painting because it has some sentimental value to me. I have gone to the MOMA and seen it in person, it was used as an example in my art class in middle school of pointalism, and its in one oh my favorite movies. It also gives a very interesting example of leisurely, upper-class life as well as the fashion and mannerisms of the late 1800s.
I find this painting to be chillingly beautiful. It is a representation of Ophelia from the Shakespear play. I love the way Sir John Everett Millais seems to use white over he body in the middle of the murky mud .
This is a beautiful piece, the oldest in this gallery. It represents four of the Cardinal virtues. I love how rich the red and blue are and how the contrast with the white of Peace's dress/ I also love the light cast over the women's skin, giving them a very etheral quality.
This painting was also done by a painter we studied back in middle school art class, giving it sentimental value to me. I find this to be a very mysterious with the muted, dark colors.
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