This an example of colors. This picture is taking place in the day time. the colors are green, tan, little yellow, very light blue and blue. This picture has cool colors. it is tetradic because all those colors are right next to eachother.
This picture is being painted with warm colors. This picture has a happy light to it. The picture has first and second primary colors in it that makes people very happy.
This picture shows how the colors are going into each other. There are most of the colors are warm. This picture is very bright and will make person want to say that "wow".
This is a very bright picture. The colors goes into each other because There is lots of yellow which is a primary and a warm color and there is green too which is a little bit warm but mostly cold color and its second primary color.
This picture shows that there is very sad mood and a sleeping mood. The colors in the picture are very dark colors.
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