Starry Night displays a deep pallet of blues and cooler colors that allow for a much calmer feeling even with the short strokes Van Gogh used. The blues used with the contrasting yellows and whites allows the eye to move around the page.
Seurat uses basic colors painted as individual dots on the canvas allowing the dots to mix with one another from a distance to create the visual of people in the park. 
The colors within the piece echo the chaotic nature of the subject of the work, using both warm and cool colors against one another to create contrast.
Color is being used to keep the room alive and vibrant. The bright yellows in the piece bounce right off the pale blue walls of the bedroom.
The Scream is a very expressionist piece and the intense use of color was to convey the slight appearance of certain structures in the piece.
This piece works with many different shades of green that border the lion and antelope allowing the viewer to focus on it.
Mixing multiple colors on the piece allows for great detail and a large amount of depth and perspective.
The lack of color within the totems allow the eye to be drawn towards them due to the contrast of the vibrant background colors.
The strokes and layers of blue on the page seem to show a sort of flow and movement to the ocean and the sky.
The color pallet of this work was taken more from a realistic point than vibrant and eye popping colors.
The vibrant colors of the foreground allow the bushes to jump off the page compared to the toned down colors of the background.
Study of the  Sky shows the use of bright blues and grays to show the beauty and motion of the sky.
The expressive colors of the piece creates a vaste and emotional work.
The soft blues of the guitar almost make it seem as though you understand what style and mood the guitar would be played.
The colors of the piece show basic forms that to the eye we relate to certain objects.