Wall Text:  The theme of this exhibition is Countryside. This exhibition is all about life living in the country and looking after the farms and its animal’s .In this exhibition, there is a variety of paintings, photographs and three dimension objects depicting the beautiful scenery of the country’s gorgeous landscapes and animal life of the farms located in the country. This exhibition includes artworks of the cute farm animals, country music, landscapes, barns and houses. The artworks will show you what country life was like, filled with joyful festivals, looking after the farm and hanging with the cute animals on the farm. There is a variety of artworks created from 1800’s to now (2015). The exhibition has artworks of farm animals that live on farms, barn, riverbanks and music. The ‘Dance in the Country’ artwork relate to the theme of countryside is that farm people also dance. The ‘Western Boots Circa 1950’ artwork relates to the theme of countryside and included in the exhibition because farm people would square dance and the women would wear beautiful carved leather boots similar to ‘Western Boots Circa 1950’. The ‘Sheep from Christ the Good Shepherd, Gilt Aluminium’ artwork is related to the theme of countryside and in the exhibition because sheep are farm animals and they live in farms and farms are located in the country.