My gallery features mostly people. people of importance and money. They're featured by themselves with light focusing on their faces.  

In this picture of Benjamin Franklin, you can see the emphasis of light on his hand. There is more light on his hand as that is what's the most important.
In this painting i like the focus on Adams' face. There is light on his face while the rest of the painting is pretty dark.
This picture of George Washington shows his importance. He is standing in the room by himself and is surrounded by things that show the importance and sophistication he had.
In this painting i like the scheme of things. The lady's face is covered by the dark, there's no light on her eyes, only on her hands and the lower part of her face.
This painting shows one of the many jobs that people had during this time. Blacksmiths were very important and were very much relied on.
Again, this is another painting of Washington. The many paintings that were made for him showed the importance he had and how the American people admired him.
I like the fact that this is so simple. there's no color other than the gray and the beige of the paper.
This picture could even represent Romantic views. Romanticism focused mostly on nature and the artist's personal relationship with Nature and God.
The colors of this painting are pretty dark colors. Monroe's face has a light that the rest of the painting doesn't have.
This picture of his little brother is nice because it's pretty simple. He's shown with a plant that represents nature.
This is pretty much just a picture of fruit. Its a pretty cool picture.
This is another painting of food but unlike his brother's painting, it has more darker colors. In this painting there are no light colored fruits, everything is dark.
This is a very nice portrait. unlike other portraits of more important and admired people, this woman does not have that much light on her face.