Cole Dodd


This ceramic tile shows use of shape. The tile is flat and two dimensional. It's a geometrical shape with a length and width. The tile itself, is a rectangle.
This vase shows use of form. It's a three dimensional form. It shows depth, and cast a shadow. It has a length, height, and width.
This vase shows use of lines. It has straight lines all around the vase. Some of the lines are different widths. In the middle of the vase, the lines are jagged.
This clay jar shows use of color. It has different shades of green, yellow, and red. In the center it has a red peony flower with a yellow inside. Surrounding the flower are two shades of green.
This clay vase shows good use of value. It has different shades of black, gray, and white. Towards the top it's a dark black, but it has a gradient on the vase leading into white.
This older piece of clay shows good use of texture. In the center of the clay it looks rough and bumpy. Around the outside it looks smooth.
This clay vase shows good use of space. The entire vase itself is positive space. All around the vase is negative space, but in the hole in the center and handle is negative space.
This porcelain figure shows good use of movement. The man and his chariot look like they are moving. The horses look like they're running, and the man looks like he's raising is arm.
This porcelain plate shows good use of emphasis. All around the plate is black and white, but your eye is drawn towards the reflective gold center.
This clay vase shows good use of rhythm. There are repeating curved lines around the vase. These lines draw your eye around the vase, creating rhythm.
This Greek piece of clay shows use of pattern. It has a repeating design of lines around the center. Along the outside their are repeated shapes and designs.
These porcelain vases show harmony. The vases have different sizes and designs on them. But they all have the same colors used and similar designs. They harmonize with each other.
This ceramic container shows good use of variety. It has many different colors and patterns used. It also has some random parts to it. It has a lot variety of elements.
This ceramic bowl is very balanced. It has the same patterns going around the entire bowl. The bowl itself is symmetrical. The whole bowl is equal on both sides and is balanced.
This porcelain sculpture has proportions. It shows the head, and upper chest of a women. The head seems a little large in proportion to her chest. The size relation fairly realistic.
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