Nostalgia is one of the most, if not the most, impactful feelings a piece can get out from a viewer. There are many things that can induce this feeling, whether it be a place, a smell, or an object. It can bring out emotions out of even the most stale and stagnant personalities. These images felt nostalgic to me, I would like to see if anyone else feels the same.

One's childhood bedroom is a place in particular you could escape to whether to play or to feel safe. Basically the safe haven of your younger life.
Autumn was an incredibly memorable time for me. The beginning of school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and every raked leaf that fell on our front lawn.
I remember that a lot of my dreams as a kid took place in building such as these. Large, intimidating, yet it was quite fun to explore. They always felt never ending as each branched path led to another
Even though I've never been to Finland where this picture was taken. I did have a forest in my backyard. It branched all over town and you could easily get lost exploring it.
Brightly colored things and a home setting are key things that take me back. Having random objects scattered all over due to my brother and I picking something up, playing with it, then quickly moving onto the next.
I hardly ever go to the library now that you can get pretty much any resource or novel online. Though as a kid I didn't go there for the books. Usually to play with the toys they had around the kids area.
Playground are something you can visit anytime and still have a blast. Feeling like nothing else in the world matters for that small moment, you feel scot-free.
Colorful block like Legos and Duplos were essential toys for any kid, they were pretty much the king of toys considering you could make anything. It did take quite a chunk out of your allowance though.
The amusement park was always fun for the first hour and a half, but then I'd always get really tired and want to go home. Of course, that wouldn't happen due to the fact that my mother probably paid a lot for us to go there.
Foggy days were my favorite as a kid, they were always so mysterious. It felt like the neighborhood that you knew so well had become a whole new world.
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