pointillism Perfection

Pointillism has always been my favorite kind of art because of how well a bunch of dots can come together to make something beautiful. All paintings by Georges Seurat and Paul Signac.

Fine Art Painting. This is my favorite piece of art. I love how the way the people are dressed and how it reflects the time period.
Fine Art Painting. This is pointillism at its finest. Up close, this image looks like random dots thrown together, but from afar, this image comes together to tell a story.
Fine Art Painting. I really enjoy the use of the color yellow in this and how just about everything in the picture has yellow notes.
Fine Art Painting. This could possibly be the most beautiful pointillism painting i have seen. The use of color and depth makes this tree look both vibrant and massive.
Fine Art Painting. Unlike "The Port of Rotterdam", this painting uses a wider variety of colors to show where the sun is hitting.
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