Mapplethorpe's anatomy of nature

Mapplethorpe was renound for his expert documentation of the human body in all its raw beauty. His confronting exploration of sexuality unlocked a darker, underground world and turned it into respected art. This series of works focuses on Mapplethorpe's intimate study of the anatomy of form and beauty within nature. His highly contrasted black and white images of flowers and bodies draw similarities in their succinct and simply stunning form.

This image depicts an intimate close up of the structure within the striking Orchid flower. naturally symmetrical petals cascade downwards against a saturated black background creating a gentle image.
in Ajitto, masculinity is portrayed in a vulnerable state although the statuesque figure remains powerful with intense shading and light on the skin in contrast to a subtle grey background.
This profile of a lily is classic silhouette and aesthetic which serves as a counterpart to Mapplethorpe's more controversial images.However, It is just as striking in its elegance
This image shows the human body directly in touch with nature. The hard, rounded boulders almost blend in with the stone like figure of Lisa Lyon in an eyeopening and perfectly aligned photograph.
Another image of Lisa Lyon, this close up of her leg is a muscular, streamlined study of the human body. It is a unique perspective and creates an incredibly striking image.
perfectly and evenly lit, this image retains a classical and simply stunning still moment of a satin like lily and bud.
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