1. They have nice clothes on 2. The room is well furnished 3. They look well off
1. Fancy clothes 2. Comfy chairs 3. Nice wigs
1. He's got a lot of books 2. He looks very comfortable 3. He's dressed nice
1. Nice suit 2. Pipe in his hand 3. Very clean
1. Well fed 2. Clean looking 3. Dressed nice
1. Lush beard 2. Fancy clothes 3. Kind of fat so he is eating well
1. Standing in a nice courtyard 2. Well dressed 3. They look very clean
1. Very nice room 2. Well furnished 3. She's sitting at a mirror doing her makeup
1. Nice hair 2. Nice dress 3. She's rich because she is having a portrait painted of herself
1. Sweet wig 2. Looks very clean 3. Dressed very well mannered
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