Flanerie in Paris: Late Nineteenth-Century Leisure

Fin-du-Siecle Paris offered many forms of entertainment for those with a taste for life's many pleasures. People from all socio-economic classes mixed in public places such as the circus, the parks, the boulevards, the theater, the cafe, and especially the cabaret. Anyone could enjoy a raucous night of bawdy entertainment at the Moulin-Rouge following an afternoon of leisure. Come with me on a stroll through a Day in the Life of a Flaneur, Paris' person of leisure.

Enjoy an afternoon at the Circus.
Relax at the Park.
Take a Romantic Stroll through the Gardens just before Dark.
Spend an evening at the Ballet.
Meet Friends for a late Drink at the local Cabaret.
Make New Friends, Greet Old Ones, Share Secrets and Laughs.
To Shameless Flirts Say "Sir, Take Your Hand Off My... Glass!"
Kick Up your Heels and Join in the Dance.
Cheer Dancers who entertain All Classes in France.
Lounge with your lover at the Cafe down the street, until the Chanteuse bids all "Bon Nuit."
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