nepal & pakistan

Emanuel Campos

Kathmandu Darbar Square is the center of the city where many people go to gather important relious.
king Menhanud and queen Ratna at the Hindu purtitons and Nepal was monarchy until became a demonarchy in 2008
These are a group of Nepal people showing american people there dances style.
This is Durbar Square 21 years after the earthquake hit in the 1934.
a Pillar from a former temple and this shows the woodworking the Nepal people did.
This oil painting in paskistan by zain ul-Abedin of a sad condition of a mother and child during the framine that struck the eastern wing.
Pakistan shows how detail they can be with art this dragon is made out of brozen which detail with thing in it
Many fabric is drying because the women of pakistan have to wear it everyday of there lives.
This women in pakistan has to use this radio because this is the way they commiut in the region
Mosque are a very important component of islam, a prevalent in the religion in pakistan.
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