This is the timeline and different events of how lipstick was first made and how it was discovered.

The test of lipstick that was made
Ancient took many pictures of there work to show the new look of the lipstick and colors.
People began to show much more interest in the lipstick all world around.
Famous artist all around started to use lipstick when they performed.
This is the first art work made with drawn lipstick in the 16th century.
People began to celebrate because this was a good sell and made lots of money based off the lipstick produced.
People worldwide began to observe on lipstick and describe what they thought about the lipstick.
Woman were picked to sit in a room with mirrors to try on different lipstick to se4e how it will look on young woman.
Many woman all over began to buy this lipstick and try on different shades of colors.
Ancient were to first to learn how to make a tube of lipsticks and tired different experiments.
This image shows when the creation of lipstick was first published in 16th century.
Credits: All media
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