It's my fondest wish to show you black in various different ways, whether it be by texture,  skin tone, mindset, or perception. I wish to take you on a journey through what it is that I believe is black. Shall we start our journey?

In this black-and-white image we see an African-American male of young age dressed in evening formal attire. What up upon closer inspection the bow tie that he wears appears to be Fashioned into a lose bowtie. This is offset by the confident look upon the gentleman's face that seems to be stern, unflinching, and aware. Your eyes are no doubt drawn to the tie he wares as that Is the center of the portrait. The black background that's all but blend into the color of his skin while his jacket seems to blend into the darkness. The artful frame was a glorious touch of elegance on a confident yet bleak portrait.
The statue of the freeman as he sits poised to stand is cast in bronze overtones of heavy black. Note the bronze tone of the eyes that are highlighted as you looks open off into what we can only assume is both the future and past of black Society as a whole. This statue was made to show African Americans as a whole rising to the challenge of freedom and the responsibilities that it brings. The black can be said to represent both strength and weakness, while the bronze is that inner glow with hope and knowledge gained from years past becoming an eagerness to learn even more.
Malcolm X movie poster by: ART SIMS. This image boasts a great Gray X on the black background with the words November describing the bottom. Great being a colored neutrality, neither casting light or taking it away is a glorious representation of Whom it is supposed to represent. The leader Malcolm Jamaal Little also known as Malcolm X, what's a believer in neutrality in the sense of not being greater but being of equal value. The black background strongly represents African Americans supportive nature of this leader. The work November at the bottom in between the feet of the X shows that this movie was bigger than just the month itself.
Huey Newton seated in wicker chair BY: Blair Stapp.This black and white image depicts Huey P Newton holding a shotgun and spear while seated surrounded by African memorabilia in tribal decorations.
The black panther party volume six Number 23 BY: Black Panther party AMISTAD research Center. This image list various Black Panther leaders and leaders in the community. Some of them are known for quite different things today.
Brothers BY: Malvin Gray Johnson. This painting depicts two very vibrant African-American sit side-by-side. The vibrance of the painting is breathtaking and the brushstrokes and texture add liveliness to the image.
Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, Baltimore by: Leonard Freed. The pictures shows many people reaching for the outstretched hand Dr. King. many smile, some cry, but all appear to celebrate his legacy.
Barack (2014) BY: Abdalllah Omari.
Credits: All media
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