Railroads and Industry around the world

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Railroad stations quickly became the center of commercial activity in major cities once the railway lines were in operation. This poster reads: At the gateway to a Continent
Stations were symbols of economic prosperity in the United States
They were built to be grand, impressive, but also very useful for sellers and consumers.
These bananas arrived by train in Maryland, but they likely came off of a ship from somewhere in the Caribbean originally. Another route could have been through Mexico via train. As routes became available, so did more goods.
In Panama, the trains served as means for transporting goods that were passing through. Either from South America to North, or from East to West, trains are still a big part of Panama's trading economy
Mexico connected with the United States and Central American countries via train.
Trains in Canada, our neighbor to the north
Even in the most rugged conditions, trains and methods of transportation were attempted. (Alaska)
Railroad expansion in the United States meant that farmers had opportunities to sell products to people in faraway markets. This led to an increase in production, which required an increase in migrant laborers.
Trains were built through treacherous and dangerous landscapes to move goods to and from places that were previously isolated.
In this illustration, the effect of the train cruising through the countryside is obviously influencing the surrounding landscapes
In Britain, trains were used to shuttle people all around the small island country. In this image, workers construct an underground tunnel for a train to pass through. Now, the city of London is well known for its "Tube" trains.
Trains were used for moving goods, but also for moving people.
Train in Shanghai.
Trains changed commercial activity all over the world - including China. Today, China has made some of the worlds best advances in high-speed train transportation
Finally, where there is work, there will always be people to work. Here, a woman begs alongside a passing train in China.
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