The Companions of Justice - Jonathan Zook

Often in art, Justice is represented as a powerful blind-folded immortal carrying a scale and a sword.  Frequently, however, the image of Justice is tempered with the accompaniment of other immortals.  Here we will take a look at these "Companions of Justice" to see how Justice is met with the perceived balance and style of the artist.

Justice, our central figure, is surrounded by Prudence (caution) and Peace. A dominant red color creates emphasis on Justice, as does the increased scale and position of the figure. As with many such paintings, it is obvious the other two immortals are there to balance Justice.
Peace and Justice are allegories for the reign of a great king. Here we see the pair as a calm setting amid the chaos of fire and desolation. The movement of the flowing robes of Peace, the muted color of the background and it's strangely shaped objects, create an almost dreamlike setting.
I think we'd all like to believe that Justice and Truth will win the day. Here negative space and muted colors in the background keep you focused on our pedestal, and the pyramid-like shape and vertical lines draw your eyes to the top.
Justice must be balanced with Clemency (mercy). While most of the colors in this tapestry are muted, our eyes are drawn to the bright red color. The artist wanted you to focus on the architects plumb, and the lesson being taught. The peripheral space is filled with patterns of a bountiful harvest, perhaps for no other reason than to just spice up the tapestry.
Apparently you can't run from Justice, Vengeance, and Truth. This sketch shows aggressive movement as the immortals fall upon the evil men cowering in the corner. An imaginary diagonal line separates the parties, but not for long. Intentional or not, the drawing gets darker as we get closer to those about to feel judgement. They are in a very dark place.
Justice and Peace, once again the hallmarks of a great monarch. The eye moves diagonally from Justice to the Queen. Emphasis with bright colors is given to the three main characters, giving them unity; while a lion sits muted between.
Ye olde satire, shows Justice, Truth, and Reason in the stocks. These are bad times. The arcing banner sends a message, and it appears to have movement and life of its own. Abundant negative space allow the artist to deliver a clear message.
Justice and Faith, working together to make things better. Prominent use of vertical lines and detailed texture give our two immortals majesty. Balance is created between each as they both take up similar space and scale.
Faith and Justice, heralded keystones of any good state. Despite the lack of color, texture is used to add reality to the forms of our two immortals. On this occasion, faith is given emphasis over justice, as exemplified by the dominant position and scale, plus the addition of the white halo effect.
Justice leads the way for Divine Vengeance to deal with a murderer. Movement is evident with the pursuing immortals and the fleeing murderer. The muted and dark colors indicate a dastardly scene full of fear and aggression. This leaves the only bright colors in the moon and the dead man reflecting in its light.
Credits: All media
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