LOve, Pain, Beauty, and Art

The gallery reflects the beauty in the artworks and their connection in theme to the stories behind the pieces, the models, and the artists. It is a story of  love, relationships, heartbreak, pain, and beauty.

In this painting the young woman on the left is being discouraged by the one on the right to not fall in love with a married man, but the young girl seems to be Lovesick by the look in her eyes.
The model in this painting is of an indigenous young girl that the artist described as " not pretty" in European standards, "but beautiful". The artist disillusioned by modernization looked for Love elsewhere.
Although (La Tehuana), Dolores Olmedo was just a good friend with Rivera, he had a reputation of being violent and of being a womanizer and he was known to get involved sentimentally with more than one
Medea was based on a story from Greek mythology in which Medea, a sorceress, kills because she feels betrayed by the Love of her life, Jason.
Frida Kahlo lived a very terbulent and tragic life. She suffered from childhood physically and emotionally all through adulthood. Despite this she came to be one of Mexico's most famoust women artists. She also experienced alot of pain lovelife.
Julio Romero de la Torre captured the beauty of the Spanish woman in it's entirety. He was very successful despite some of his works being banned, criticized for being immoral.
Aside from all the self portraits that Frida painted, and the ones painted by her then husband, Diego Rivera, others were painted as this one by Murray, whom she held a longtime relationship with
Credits: All media
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