The colors of death- Sydney LaSorella

This gallery contains representation of the autumn season in paintings. Autumn is known for it's beautiful colors, cooler weather, and rainy days; these pieces do a beautiful job of representing one or more of those aspects. Even though each of these pieces represent the same thing they are all somehow completely different. They all have their own way of using different colors and textures to be unique.

This piece depicts a beautiful autumn morning. With the sun rising over the mountains in the background and reflecting on the water. Two men are sitting on the rocks fishing in the reservoir. The trees along the side of the mountain are beginning to turn orange, some already have. I love the texture in this piece. You can truly see the difference in texture between the still after and the rough trees. It makes for a beautiful depiction of an autumn morning.
This piece shows a beautiful scene of cabins on a hill with a forrest of trees in the background. I love the colors in this piece. I like how the cabins are a blue-grey color, they are more cool toned. While the trees are more warm toned with yellows and oranges. I love the contrast of the two tones working together in this piece.
This painting shows a small village with a backdrop of autumn trees and a bright blue sky. The texture in this one is very interesting, the trees like like they are made up of small brush strokes and the pattern continues up through the sky. The colors of the trees range from purples to browns to greens. This makes up a beautiful composition of colors.
This painting is unique because it depicts autumn from indoors. This piece shows the inside corner of a cabin with a window on each wall. There are family pictures on top of the window and a lantern in the window sill. What makes it evident that this painting is depicting autumn is the golden color of the leaves through the video.
This piece shows five elderly women sitting on the side of the road with an assortment of apples, fall vegetables, and chickens. There are two trees on either side of the painting with their branches stretching across the entire piece. The branches have golden lives hanging off them and some of them have fallen into the road. I love how this piece gives a different perspective of autumn, with it being about the autumn harvest for farmers.
This piece shows a mountain filling the background with many different kinds of trees in the foreground. The trees that are closer have vibrant colors that range from orange to yellow and some are still green. The trees that are further back are black and almost fade into the background. I love the unique use of color in this one. Almost the entire piece is black and white except for the trees. This contrast shows what autumn is really like with everything else dying the color seems to die away also, but the trees become brighter and give color to everything else.
This piece shows two mountains taking up most of the space with some small building at the bottom of it. There are also some trees surrounding a small creek and some people walking by the creek. The mountains are a mixture of oranges and reds and yellows. They have a unique texture because they are made up of what looks like a lot of large brush strokes. The colors of the mountains makes it look like they are filled with trees that are changing colors with the autumn season.
This piece shows a mountain and a blue sky. The mountain is made up of many different colored pieces. The colors of the mountain are red, green, yellow, and brown. Much like the last piece the mountains are so filled with trees that they just look like a mass of colors.
This piece has a different asian style to it. It shows a tree stretched across a blue sky with clouds. The tree is a bright red color. This piece is very simple but is still able to get across that it is in the autumn because of the bright colored leaves on the tree.
This piece is very interesting because it compares the two seasons of spring and autumn. On the left side it depicts what a rainy day during spring looks like and on the right side it depicts a rainy day in autumn. There is a huge difference in color between the two. The spring side of the piece has bright colors of red and pink. On the autumn side the trees are black and is just overall dark.
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