Shape Gallery

Gizelle Orellana

In this image the positive space is blue and the negative space is white. The blue space is the image which stands out. the space around it is the negative space which is also the background.
This rectilinear is made up of of geometrical lines and corners. The lines are straight and form either a square or rectangle. Almost or all of the of this piece is rectilinear shapes.
Curvilinear shapes are curves and non straight lines. This image is a great example of curvilinear because most of the lines are curved and organic. There is very little straight geometric lines. The roof tops and sky are curved in a general way.
In this image you can see geometrical shapes and rectilinear shapes. You can see straight lines and some curvilinear lines. The bold but straight lines are easily noticed.
Organic shapes are shapes you see in nature, plants, sea, etc. This image represents organic shapes because the front of the boat and whole boat itself doesn't have rectilinear shapes or geometric shapes.
If you look closely you can see shapes such as triangles, circles, and some parts of rectangles. These shapes have no exact meaning are not created with meaning. These shapes don't have a direct connection with reality. This is an example of non objective shapes.
Representational shapes are based on direct observations and have meaning. This image has a direct meaning. Its a bit of an everyday life image. Its a calm yet meaningful image.
This image is morphed and is " played with " to switch up what is was originally. It isn't something specific, it's reduced from it's original source. This is a great example of abstract.
This image has high definition because the colors are exaggerated and more defined. The colors are bold and stand out to the viewer. Their is an intense connection and clarity.
This image has low definition because of the soft edges and non bold colors or lines. Their isn't much of a communication between the viewer and this piece. Their isn't much of a connection either.
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